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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Attitude...Who? Me!!! LOL

I must say this has to be one of my fav awards...Thanx so much Mary for thinking of me...I am so very touched.
I have not been out and about much these days and post very seldom so what a wonderful surprise it was to receive this awesome award from an incredible lady. If you have never visited Mary's blog you sure are missing out! She has wonderful tuts, creations, and information....her cup sure does runneth over!!
The conditions of this award are to list 3 things about myself that make me different from everyone else and to pass it to 5 other bloggers.

hmmmmm....I am sure there are people who share these qualities...but here are some things that are me...Mcauley helped me a bit...

1. In a cynical world I always look for the best in people....I have been called naive but I prefer to think of it as trusting...people are innocent until proven guilty in my book and that has to be experienced by me personally...I never judge someone based on someone else's opinion...there are plenty of people who love to bring themselves up by bringing others down...expect the best of people and you just might get a surprise!

2. I loved being pregnant!!! I was never sick....just fat and happy....LOL....carrying my boyssss has to be some of the most precious time in my life....they are truly my greatest accomplishments.

3. Love, hope and prayer go into my creations...when I am scrapping a picture of a person my heart and soul are with them...whether it is a relative I've lost through death, a family member that may be estranged, or a loved one close by I pray for them and feel such a connection to them. I smiled as I was scrapping the photo in my last layout of Mcauley and Icah...continually calling Mcauley to look and see if he liked what I had done...I told him that even though I was driving him crazy now it brings me joy to think of him sharing these pages with his own children saying, "I remember when Mom scrapped this page." He only giggled and said, "Mom, you will be showing them to my children!"

so now to pass this on...
I have to share with my sweet ladies from SOUS and a couple of crafty friends...


I hope you will pay Mary, Sandi, Nanne, Leah, Brenda and Barb a visit...you won't be sorry!! I have been inspired by each of them and I am sure you will be too!!


  1. Congrats Sandy!!! we miis you come back!

  2. oh Sandy thank you soooo much...this really made my morning! I am sooo blessed to have you in my life.
    I can see all the love you put into your work....
    love ya GF!!!

  3. Sandy... you are sooo sweet and such a dear sweet crafty friend! It is so good having you "back"! You have been missed... a lot! Thank you for this wonderful award!
    Barb :)

  4. oh Sandy... your kindess never ceases to amaze me.. you are a sweet woman and very dear to my heart.. Im so exicted to see you creating again, missed your awesome layouts..
    I will post this on my blog with love and I thank you from the bottom of my heart....

  5. awww thank you!!!!
    we were a good team...funny because so much of life has changed and yet remained the same...do you feel that?
    sorry, don't know where that came from! LOL!
    thanks for thinking of me...I am glad that you did!!!!

    oh and have FUN with that camera!!! I got one for Christmas and adore it!!!!