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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Rest of the Story....

Hi everyone...just wanted to take a minute and post the rest of the mini album I've been working on. Just to share a bit...Mcauley has had a rough couple of weeks and so this is dedicated to him....I just want him to remember how special he is to me. I also want him to always place more value in his faith in himself than what others may think of him...something I could work on too...LOL...
DCWV At Home paper stack. I have to give a big shout out to Beatriz for the inspiration for this album. She recently showed how she took a plain inexpensive child's $1 board book and altered it...I could not wait to try it....check out Beatriz's amazing work @ her amazing blog...AMAZING GRACE.

When I go to M's I always check out the end cap clearance items, these Blue Moon charms were among the treasures I found on my last trip. They are attached to key clasps and then looped on to some wire that I embellished with some beads and attached to the blue satin ribbon by Offray.

There is a key hidden behind the marquee....the key and keyhole are both from Sentamentals, the key hole is the negative cut from the lock with a bit of trimming.
On these 2 pages I added the title of stay faithful....I used Memory Makers alpha stickers and Plantin for the title font....
Knock Knock is from Sentimentals as is the door knob. The door is cut from My Community and the wooden accents are from part of a layer cut again from Sentimentals. I added some little hinges I picked up at a discount store and some bling. The door is embossed and chalked.
The row of beads is from the dollar tree...a necklace type holder for eyeglasses...i glued it into place before cutting away the wire strand.
This is an over sized cut of the same doorknob....I used some Aileens paper glaze to accent the knob and the edges of the cut. The tags are from Plantin....I used my Fiskars border punch for the corner pocket and Sentamentals again for the keys.
From Matthew 7 I have paraphrased some reminders to my son...Knock and the door shall open...along with a pic of him on the inside of the door.
Seek and ye shall find is in the K&Co mini frame and behind the tags....ask & it shall be given unto you.
I embellished my tags with the words Peace, Hope and Love and some question marks from Plantin....a safety pin with a mini button and some little charms finished off with a bit of ribbon. I will put additional pix on the back of these tags.
These pages are called Sonlight to reference Christ and to also remind Mcauley that he will always be a light in my life. The fence, tree and lamp are all from Heritage. Frames from Sentamentals, Sun cut from Life's A Beach and path from Mickey and Friends.

The Bible is from Heritage....I printed this verse on vellum and added a bit of silver paint on all the edges.
The fence is embossed with my Cuttlebug, added a bit of blue pearl accents to the frame and some starlight stickles to the lamp.
The tree and sun are also embossed...the birds are from Sentamentals...starlight stickles accent a few of these cuts as well.
Plantin and Heritage for the title fonts on these pages....another Sentamentals frame, old world ribbon by DCWV, The boys profile cut is also Heritage, tags from Plantin and compass from My World.
Another piece of inspiration I found while I was out bloggin about was this flower....Amanda had a great video tute on these flowers with crepe paper...I chose to use a very sheer wide ribbon and add a button to the center....Check out all of Amanda's creative inspiration HERE.
I want my son to remain unique...I loved this quote " The white light streams down to be broken up by these human prisms into all the colors of the rainbow." My personal interpretation of this is God is the white light and he did not create any of us the same....and how beautiful would a rainbow really be without all the shades of color...as our lives would be quite boring if we were all the same.I added a bit of garland to this page to accent the flower.

"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no ones definition of your life. Define yourself." What a fab quote and something I hope my son takes to heart. I have added a little charm to complete this title....be you.

When the butterfly paperclip is removed it opens a little tag album that is attached to the last page...the world map has a bit of Romans 12....be not conformed to this world but be transformed. I used my photo impact program to wrap the text...you can kinda see it in white on the map. The tags have been embossed and will hold additional photos.

Hope you enjoyed the rest of my mini album....I will be back later to do a bit of blog hopping...Have a great day!


  1. Somethings we scrap for the memory, be it photos, momentos, or a reminder we hold onto. We find delight in them.
    This however offers more than just a beautiful book of memories for your son... it leaves him your a legacy of love...
    Your love of Christ shines through the love for you son and it will be something he will bind on his heart that will carry with him into eternity. God bless you.

  2. OMG...What a beautiful dedication to your son. It's hard growing up in today's world and I really admire you as a person and a mother.

  3. Ok, I was teary reading this as it was..and then I read what Sheila wrote and now I am crying..great!
    I agree with what Sheila said, I think your love for your son is shown even better by you're understanding and love for God.
    I don't think I know where to start about the project...maybe you don't sleep? I think that must be it! LOL!
    This is stunning..the detail, colors...
    it;s as gorgeous as you are...love you

  4. Sandy, this is just soooo precious and wonderful!!!!! Amazing work of love....
    I know your son will treasure this forever...
    and I love the fact that you are passing on your faith and love for the Lord to the next generation, praise the Lord! Beautiful work Sandy.

  5. Well the front page really was just a sample of the detailed and stunning pages to follow. Your son is truly honoured to have a mom like you. You truly are amazing.

    Kaye x

  6. Sandy... this is beyond words... your love for your son and for God is evident and He will reward both of you for your faithfulness! What an amazing piece of you that you have given your son... he will treasure this forever...as will his children... and their children... You are a fantastic mom... it is soooo obvious! I'll say a prayer for Mcauley that this tough season come to an end soon...and that he uses this as an opportunity to grow as a person and as a Christian. Sometimes it is the difficult times that make us who we are, we just have to trust God....

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  8. Gees Louise Sandy.. You about left me speechless with this amazing little keep sake of yours.. Its gorgeous to say the least, and with so much heart and thought put into every page.. I know that Mcauley will cherish that forever and every time he needs guidance he will open your book, which will make him stronger and ready to deal with another day..
    I have to check out what Beatriz has done with these books of hers and might have to create one of my own some day..
    *Big hugs

  9. Well Sandy, I'm speechless (almost :D)! This gorgeous keepsake is a testimonial to your faith and a perfect way to lovingly guide your son into adulthood. Surely a treasured album that will be read over and over. Really beautiful work! xxD

  10. This mini album is gorgeous! I can see you are a loving, caring and amazing mother to your son. Your little Mcauley is handsome.

  11. Oh, wow, Sandy, I had my mind on other things yesterday (mom) and totally missed this post. Talk about amazing! I am so, so glad that you made something for Mcauley to keep him strong in his faith and to show him how much you and the Lord love him. Artisticly so well done but my, the impact spiritually has me wanting more! Keeping him in my prayers and hoping HS will be better for him. Hugs!

  12. Sandy, I'm totally speechless!! The love that you have, not only Mcauley but for your faith shine through in every beautiful detail you've added to this gorgeous mini album.. I'm praying that the transition will be a good one for him. But I know that he has a very loving mother that will be there for him through the difficult times.. Sandy, you are such a beautiful person!!! XXX

  13. Uhm - where to start... so many WONDERFUL details!! Details, details, details - my head is spinning!! You are a great mom! xo

  14. If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.............................................

  15. What an inspiring piece of work! There are so many things to love about this mini album. I didn't think I needed the heritage cart but after seeing this... Your love of the Savior is shown on each page. Your best work to date!

  16. Sandy, my jaw is on the floor! What a treasure! The colors and embellies keep me coming back for another peek! Such a wonderfully creative mind you have. This is absolutely stunning!

  17. Sandy, this is gorgeous. I love the altered board book. YOur carts blues, and browns are wonderful together. I love everything this book represents for you and for Mcauley. I love the faith you have and how you spread it with every thing you do. Hugs to you, my friend. I've been having blogger problems, so hopefully this one goes through.
    kim xXx

  18. Sandy what a lovely gift for your son. He is so lucky to have you as a mother. As I looked at your pages, I had tears in my eyes. I have such an estranged relationship with my daughter and I found myself wondering what she would have thought if it were I who had made this beautiful gift for her. Hold on tight to what you have, because there is not guarantee on what will come.

  19. this album is so amazing! i absolutely love the colors...especially how you used the varying tones of blue to bring it altogether! so gorgeous and beautiful created with love! you are amazing girl! thanks for always leaving some lovely words on my blog too! it always makes my day! hugs!

  20. This is beautifuL! I am in awe of the heartfelt work you have done! truley inspiring! tfs :)

  21. Sandy, this is such a beautiful book! I love each and every page and the details are amazing as always!

  22. OMG Sandy!!! this is so precious , sweet and unique! I enjoyed reading the verses! what a BEAUTIFUL work!! Hi gave you an inspiring creativity.
    God bless you and your family.

  23. Sandy, This is absolutely incredible! What a precious keepsake and beautiful reminder of faith for you and your son! Stunning!

  24. Oh Sandy you have did it again!! This is just amazing. There is not anything left to say that someone else hadn't already said (did that make sense!) Love it girl you are such a inspiration! Now I'm off to hunt down your tut. on making some flowers!

  25. Sandy...you have left me speechless! So very touching and beautiful!!