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Monday, June 22, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

Thanx to Amy at http://luvinmylabs.blogspot.com/ for the wonderful new award! I am so touched by all of you....I can't believe I already have all of these beautiful awards to add to my blog.

Accept the award
Post the award along with the name and blog address of the person who granted it to you
Pass the award to 15 newly discovered blogs

I am posting my award now and working on my list of people to pass it to. I will update this post with the names and let them know I am sending it to them. Here is my list so far:

The Mased Marauder, Masked Marauder Creations
I would also like to pass it to the additional people who follow me...please let me know if you have blogs...

Kaye Guest

I would also like to show the same faith Nanne showed in me and pass it to Sharon Barrett. Not only is she one awesome scrapper, she was my very fist follower. We would all be blessed if she had a blog, she is extremely talented~

Aymee was on the list that I was on or I would forward to her as well...but I will add the additional names as soon as I can~


  1. Hey Girl...so GLAD...you gotta blog....I have to work 16 hours each day on Sat. and Sun. so it takes me all day Monday to catch things up...and I had to cut grass too today...yikes! Anyway I love your blog....you go...all these awards...WOW!! It took forever to get them. LOL!! You already know I love everything!! I will put you up on my blog later...we just finished BBQ chicken..cooked on the grill and fried potatoes and pasta salad waiting on one to get home so I can clean up...she must of had to work over...well better go...love the blog...CONGRATS!!! Hugs, Dawn

  2. thank you Sandy sooooo much...Us little people have to stick together...LOL :o)
    I'm bumming my moms internet..I contacted my internet server and they found a problem with my connection and it should be fixed by the end of the week..here's hoping anyway..

  3. Hi Sandy ..
    Thanks sooo much for thinking of me for this award!
    I love your blog I try to vist every day,glad you started one and thanks for all the nice comments on mine!
    Big Hugs Wanda

  4. Sandy, thank you for that awesome award...I am so touched. I just don't know how to post it to my blog....any help would be appreciated!
    Thanks, Jeannine

  5. Sandy thank you sooo much for this award I LOVE it!! I really am crying this visit just heard "Brown Eyed Girl" playing...my first husband sang that for me every year on my birthday still can't believe it has been 16 years since he passed away...
    Love ya!!!