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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cupcake Card Tutorial Continued

Now I have my cupcake holder....

Spray the inside of the cupcake holder with some craft glue and begin to build you cupcake with cotton balls.

Make a tag and envelope....I used my Plantin cricut cart with the tag cut at two inches....I am using a green tag for a pattern while I work on the cupcake....the envelope is just typing paper folded around the tag and tape....remember not to make it too snug....you want the tag to slide in and out easily. Apply some glue to the envelope and slide it into the cupcake.

I have used a white paper doily to 'frost' my cupcake....make sure to cut a slit for the tag...I left the green tag in while I worked so I would remember to leave that area open.

Next, I used a small piece of netting to add more dimension to my 'frosting'....again remember the slit for the tag... continued.....

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