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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Bit Of Christmas For The Little Ones.....

These are some trays I found on sale for 5 dollars at Michael's....I thought what a great thing to decorate with my cricut...Imagine that! I added alphas, numbers, shapes, colors and names to these for my Great Nieces and Nephew that are preschool age....
I will fill the pockets with books, play dough, puzzles, etc.....I think they are really fun and had to throw a bit of education in there!
I used layers and layers of Mod Podge so they would be wiped off easily.....this is a close up of Donny's.....Hope you are all having a fab Holiday Season....thanx for stopping by!


  1. WOW great job Sandy!!!! They will LOVE these!!!

  2. Sandy! The little ones will love these! I like how you put the letters,numbers and shapes on them. Merry Christmas! Again.

  3. What a cute idea! Very creative. Merry Christmas

  4. They are going to LOVE them!!! What a terrific idea Sandy!!

    Merry Christmas missy!

  5. They are going to love them....my dd has one she is only 4 but she plays with it everyday, colors and scraps like me! Great idea to add the names and shapes and all the details to these...TFS

  6. that is a great project sandy! love that idea and i am sure they will love it too! especially since it will be filled with goodies! hugs and hope you have a very merry christmas dear!

  7. OMG!!! What a fabulous idea!!! UGGGGHHH!!!! I'm going to have to brave the holiday traffic to go get one of those trays! LOL

    Maybe I should just wait till after the holidays and just make one for my DS. I don't think the stuff would dry in time.

    Dang lady, you have the coolest ideas.

  8. Oh, how cute. I saw those yesterday when I ran by Michaels by didn't even stop to think twice about them. Wish I had picked up a couple. The kiddos will love them!

  9. ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy gosh!
    if I could ever get into gear I should make one of these!!!!!!

  10. Those are so super cute! They are going to love them.