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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Can you feel the blog LOVE????? I can!!!!

Check out all these wonderful awards I've been given!!!! How blessed do I feel? Very!!!! This first award is from Barb....how sweet is this lil Ms Bright Side....
This Sweet Blogger award comes from Julia....and it is so lovely with the little butterfly, how much better can you get than a butterfly???

Julia and Sherri also shared this wonderful Sunshine Award with me...you can never have too much sunshine.....especially this time of year!

Julia and Claudette both passed this Beautiful Blogger award to me...WOW...what can I say.
I want to thank each of you ladies for your thoughtfulness.....Your support, encouragement and bloggy friendships mean so much to me.
Now to accept the awards there are some things I must do.....for the Ms Bright Side I need to share the 10 top things about myself and then share 5 bits of trivia...I am allowed to pass this award to 5 other bloggers....
Top 10 things that make me happy
5 trivia things about me
pass to 5 bloggers
link the person who passed and the people I pass to
my top 10 happy things....
1. God
2. my boyssss
3. my family
4. sleeping in
5. jammies
6. coffee
7. scrapping
8. getting organized....an ongoing process.....but I feel so much better when I am
9. chocolate
10. my friends.....online and IRL
5 bits of trivia
1. The best and most rewarding job I've ever had was being a SAHM to my four boyssss.
2. I lived in Germany for a year.
3. I've been blessed to live in many places throughout the US....born in Louisiana, then...Michigan, Texas, Colorado, New York, Kansas, New Hampshire, back to Kansas...back to Colorado and then back to Kansas....the final move back to Kansas was in 2000 and I'm itching for another move!
4. Because I've lived so many places I've been blessed to see many parts of the US and visit many other States....I am happy to have had all these experiences because they have opened my mind and my heart.
5. I love the beach....have been to the East Coast, West Coast, Gulf and Hawaii.....Florida is my fav at the moment and I long for another visit!
A little bird told me that my SOUS sistas have received this award....yay.....the 5 blogs I would like to pass to are....
I would like to pass the Sweet Blogger to...
As for the Beautiful Blogger and Sunshine award....if you are a follower of mine and do not have these awards....please, please, please take them!!!!!!!
Okay girls...thanx again....please check out all the links above.....if you've never visited you will get a scrappy treat!


  1. Sandy, you are sooo deserving of each and every one of these awards!!! You are just the sweetest person, and I am so glad to have found you and your blog!! Thank you sooo much for this sweet lil Ms Bright Side Award!!! XXXX

  2. Hola! Sandy, your awards are so well deserved.... you are a beautiful and sweet lady!!!!
    Thank you my award! That is so sweet of you... thank you for thinking of me. Hope you've had a wonderful and restful weekend!

  3. Beautiful Girlfriend!!! You are so loved - I feel it - I feel it and I love it! It brings such a smile when I see you receive these, Sandy because you are such an admirable person! God bless you! Thank you for thinking of me for the Ms. Bright Side Award - you really make me feel so good. I hope your weekend was fantastic girlfriend! ;P

  4. Thanks so much Sandy, I truly appreciate you thinking of me. I would also like to thank you for all the beautiful and thoughtful comments you have left on my blog, you are such a great inspiration and a true blog friend.

    Kaye x

  5. aawww Sandy!! I am so happy for you my friend!! you deserve this award and all the awards to come!! you are a sweet , kind and generous person and deserve everything good that happens to you my friend, as you know I am new to this and I have no idea how and where those awards come from, but the only thing I know is that beautiful souls like yours should receive a award every single day!!
    I send you a big hug and congratulations Sandy enjoy this precious moment.

  6. Shucks Sandy... thanks for the award!! And look at all of yours!! No wonder though... you are so kind and thoughtful... I don't know how you find the time to stop by every blog that you do to leave such kind comments! and the best part is, they are always so sincere and thoughtful... that is why everyone in bloggy world loves you!! Thank you so much for your friendship... I love all the comments you leave... congrats on your awards and thank you for sending one my way!! I will be sure to get it posted tomorrow after work!!
    Barb :)

  7. Sandy me again!! I just noticed that you passed me the sweet award? is these Lidia me?, hahah forgive my ignorance Sandy I really have no idea what to do! Thank you for considering me !! explain to me please what I have to do!! OMG I feel so ashamed for being so silly but I honestly don't know!!
    Hope you understand me .
    Super big hugs.

  8. Awwww, Sandy you are so sweet. Thanks for thinking of me. I'm am truly blessed to have you as a blogging friend! Have a fabulous day (hope the weekend didn't go too fast for ya)

  9. Sandy you are just what this award says.....
    You are such a sweet kind person.
    Always with a kind word if anyone deserves this you sure do .
    Thank you so much for thinking of me ...this one will surely treasure!
    Big Hugs to you my friend.

  10. Sandy! you deserve these awards. I AM SO BLESS TO HAVE FOUND YOU AS A BLOGGING FRIEND! Girlfriend you are the bomb! Thanks so much for thinking of me for this award and always leaving me encouragment comments. I Have two butterflies for you a pink and light purple. I saved for you like the ones I posted on Saturday because I know you like butterflies. I will snail mail them to you. Can you email me you addy again because I deleted it from last email. I will mail them on Wednesday. YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  11. Thanks Sandy! You are such an inspiration to everyone! and then you give me an award?? Thanks have a wonderful day!

  12. Thanks Sandy for thinking of me! You are just too sweet and caring. Make sure you stop by my blog. I am giving away some Basic Grey Green At Heart Blog Candy.

  13. Sandy,
    What can I say, I am so very honored that of all the ladies out there to pass this to, you chose me to be one of the receipents. You have made my day, sweet friend! I love to hear about you love of the Lord and your boyssss. I admire the strength you have in your situation. I'm glad to call you friend!
    Kim xXx

  14. You deserve all the awards you've got, Sandy. You are so tallented and everytime you visite someone elses blog you leave such lovely and inspiring comment. I feel so honored to get an other award from you. Thank you very much!Wish you all the love and blessings for you and your boyssss

  15. Hey Sandy Girl...you rock! Thank you so much for all the wonderful praise...you're the best. You must be a very interesting person living all of those places....I'm so boring ~ I was born and raised in New Jersey and never left...B-O-R-I-N-G...However, I do have a my other home in Naples, Florida....you have to come visit me sometime!!!! Anyway...sending lots of blogs hugs and kisses your way...xoxoxoxoox

  16. Oh thank you so much for the beautiful award, Sandy! I'm truly honored. Hugs, D

  17. OMGosh Sandy, thank you so much for thinking of me for the sweet blogger award and for all the sweet comments you always leave on my blog.

  18. awww Sandy thank you sooo much for passing this award to me!I am sooo happy and blessed to have you as a friend!!