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Monday, March 1, 2010

So Blessed!

I am so touched to receive two more awards from some of my wonderfully bloggy friends. Brenda, Sheila and Kim have passed me the Beautiful Blogger award and Staci has shared the Sweet Friends award with me.
All four of these ladies are incredibly talented and generous. They share not only inspiration with us but also their kind support and encouragement. I cannot say enough about these ladies, they have truly touched my heart.
I have been so busy with life lately I have not been able to be the bestest bloggy friend....I love visiting and commenting on all the wonderful blogs out there...all the projects I see and fantastic inspiration I receive is just beyond words fantastic. That said I am breaking the rules a bit and sharing these awards with everyone....please take one and share the love with some of the wonderfully creative people you know in the blog world....we all need to get a little love everyday.....I know it means the world to me......so I am to share 10 things that make me happy for the Friend Award and 7 things about myself for the Beautiful Blogger Award.
10 things that make me happy....
1. God
2. Mcauley
3. My Job
4. Children
5. Days Off
6. Coffee
7. Chocolate
8. Jammies
9. Scrappy Goodies
10. My Friends...bloggy and IRL
7 things about myself (I loved Barbs take on this so I asked Mcauley and he said...)
1. You're nice.
2. You have a kind, beautiful heart.
3. You always want to find out whats bugging people and make sure that they are ok.
4. You never give up...you always do your best no matter what it takes.
5. You will give up anything for someone else.
6. You're beautiful.
7. You're amazing.
After asking Mcauley his view of me and listening to his answers I am ready to cry. What else could I want when I have a fourteen year old son who sees me this way?
Don't' forget to take your awards and stop by and see my lovely friends who shared these with me...you wont be sorry!


  1. I also left you a blog award..popular..you deserve it..great work...

  2. You truly are blessed! Congrats, sweetie! xxD

  3. Oh Sandy, I love this. Your son sees the beautiful woman we all see - that is really a magnificent view. It touched me - what a wonderful son. When I read things like this, it makes my heart glad that others think the same because your light shines so much that you can't help but see a warm hearted beautiful woman! See, you are SUPERB, girlfriend - just the ultimate best! ;D

  4. Sandi you are so deserving of all the awards you receive, I have to thank you for all your wonderful and supportive comments you leave on my blog, you are a true friend. You can really see where Mcauley gets his caring and honesty from, he is his mothers son. Children are one of the most honest people in the world and he got it right with the words he said about you. :D

    Kaye x

  5. You are so deserving of these awards and I do believe other people see you the way your son sees you too! Not only are you an amazing crafter but you a very caring human being!

  6. Sandy, you deserve all these and more. I remember that you gave me my first ones - even before I really had my blog going! Love Mcauley's take on things about you .. how cool! And jammies .. I forgot to add jammies to my list, shoot!

  7. You just go tell that little brat he made me cry!
    I hope and pray that my kids will love me forever as they do now...I know it will be different but still...love is everything!

  8. How sweet! I left you a bit of "love" at Scrap 4 the Memories as well. Stop by and pick it up!

  9. Thank you Miss Sandy; how neat to see yourself through your child's eyes.....