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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thank You Just Doesn't Seem Enough!

Thank you just doesn't seem enough to say to my sweet friend Sandi (CelticWoman)!
Those of you that stop by often know that Sandi hosted several of my students on her beautiful Haiku Tuesday post. So, deserving much thanks herself what does she do? Sandi sends these beautiful handmade gifts to me!!!!! Just look at this lovely card and note holder I received in the mail.
I have to show you the inside of the card because Sandi is an artist in every sense of the word. She really has me seriously thinking about investing in these Copic products so beautifully Incorporated into her projects. She provided me with a website for the best prices and I'm sure going to take a close look at it, click HERE if you'd like to see as well.

The papers and colors on these wonderful handmade gifts are simply gorgeous...I know you all know that the pictures are just not doing them justice.

Isn't this embossed butterfly just the bomb? The quality of
Sandi's work is certainly a reflection of the the quality of her spirit. Thanx so much Sandi.....you are a true gift!


  1. Sandy, I am humbled and touched and you are so welcome. It has truly been my pleasure. Hugs

  2. Congrats to you on this one! I think I missed that Haiku posting when I was sicky-poo .. but kudos for all you do for your studnets!

  3. Sandi, those are beautiful! Isn't it great when people express and show their appreciation for what you feel is the simplest of things? You're a super wonderful person and so many people see that in you! Your gifts are lovely - you can tell the love that went into creating them. :)

  4. Oh how special! Doesn't it make your heart melt to know that someone cares about you? These cards are truly beautiful! Thanks for sharig the link for the copics. I'm still trying to decide if I could use them. I don't do really well with markers.
    Kim xXx

  5. What a lovely gift! Beautiful work of CelticWoman and so sweet of her.

    I keep wondering if I want to do copics but I hesitate to start another expensive obsession. LOL

  6. Sooo sweeet and beautiful!! You are a special women!! Well deserved!!! Beautiful work!! I missed the cake...oh my stunning, garsh I wish I had gotten one of those when ever I had a baby...JUST Gorgeous!!! Love it!! So detailed and your niece is going to cry when she see it!! I just know it!! SO special of you and what a wonderful aunt you are...so blessed!! Thanks, Dawn

  7. I'd say you BOTH are pretty special! What a great gift!