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Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Tears Past The Gate

This is a gift for a gentleman who just lost his wife (41) and daughter (13) in a fatal car accident, the funeral is Saturday. I did not have a picture to insert so will leave it to him when his heart is ready.
Storybook: twigs, large white flower, and hearts
Lyrical Letters: font, flower cut with musical note paper and birds
Plantin: flower
Graphically Speaking: flower
Home Accents: butterflies, flourish, greenery
My Community: fence
Mickey & Friends: path
CB embossing on fence and mat. K and Company papers, brads and frame. Misc charms, buttons and paper and silk flowers and a few gems. spanish moss on each side of the path. 11x14 shadow box
Thanx for looking.


  1. Oh Sandy that just breaks my heart...
    The poor man , he must be hurting something aweful....such a lose....wow
    you are wonderful to do this for him, comes from the heart and it shows, God will bless you for it...what a gift
    Big Hugs Wanda

  2. Sandy what a sad story, words could not describe how he must be feeling. Your layout is beautiful and such a generous thing for you do have done for him.

    Kaye x

  3. This is just beyond beautiful Sanday.. and you have such a beautiful heart for wanting to make this for him..I know he will treasure it forever..The story just broke my heart, truely a sad occasion.
    bless you for being you..

  4. What a heartfelt response to a tragedy , Sandy. I am certain that within time he will appreciate this more and more.

  5. Oh Sandy this is just amazing!! How sad and how awesome of you to create this for him. It is sooo heartbreaking to hear of your friends loss.

  6. I am crying while I am writing this... AMAZING. I saw this on the message board but I knew there must be a story behind it. It is beyond beautiful and I am sure he will treasure it!

  7. Sandy, hearing this just makes my heart gasp. I can't imagine the tremendous suffering he is going through....Sending prayers. What a beautiful creation you have made.

  8. What a beautiful sentiment! He will surely appreciate the thought that went in to this beautiful momento.