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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Projects for the local Farmers Market

This tile was made with ACY, the font is from Lyrical Letters and the cat tails made in DS with Home Accents and Plantin.
Cuts for the Jungle tile are from Zoobaloo and An Ocean of Words.

Love this one, An Ocean of words for the clouds and sun, Opposites Attract for the font and My World for the tractor. The wheels and tires are embossed with CB.

My favorite tile is a name tile, frame, hummingbirds and leaves all from LL and font is SB. I welded the leaves to the frame in DS.

The Faith tile is cut from HA for the word and frame and LL for the butterflies. Live Laugh Love are all from HA as is the embellishment.

Lots of candles and holders with emblellishments from HA. The remember mug is Plantin for the stars, GS for the flag and ACY for the little boy. The pooh vase is all Pooh Font.
All pojects are done in paper except candles and holders. The candles have a thin coat of wax over the vinyl we did not treat the other vinyl projects. All other projects are glued with a spray adhesive on the back and then treated with a protective coating of Gloss Gel by Liquitex...the pictures show a bit of a glare which makes them look a bit milky but the gloss dries clear with a bit of a texture which adds a little something...very well finished look in person. We had fun but will be doing more craft type markets in the future. Life lived is lessons learned. The local Farmers Market did not seem to be our niche....but how elsedo you learn? Lots of lookers and one order for a name tile.....and inventory for our next adventure.


  1. These are Wonderful Sandy.. I'm sorry the day didn't go your way, but you will get em next time.. and you are right "you do have to start from some where!"...

  2. Hey, they look wonderful to me. Guess the market was just not the right venue for these crafty items but ... what fun I bet you had! And lots of good inventory. The ACY mug is adorable!

  3. They all look fantastic, I have tried markets myself and sometimes you sell and sometimes you don't, Keep trying and things will happen.

    Kaye x

  4. Oh sorry it didnt go too well, not sure our local market would either..but on a positive note, looks like alot of fun in making all those wonderful goodies! xoxo leah

  5. Sandy Your work is sooo beautiful! I got my first break at a Farmers Market way back in the yearly 80's....don't give up word will get out and all those lookers will be back.