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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Simple and Beautiful

I purchased these 3" candles from the Dollar Tree, using Design Studio I welded a frame and the words from the Home Accents cart and cut them out of brown vinyl. I cut them at 1 1/2" for a 50% ratio to the height of the candle....I am so pleased with them.


  1. These are beautiful Sandy.. I have said it before and I will say it again.."You are a clever girl!"..LOL

  2. Hello Sandy..I'm so sorry have been away...have not even caught my blog up...it was a TOUGH race and it ended Friday. I found out Monday I made the team. Crystal left Monday for the Army so that was hard...and we have been canning and freezing every veg/fruit around. Too busy!! I have missed ya and want you to know I hope things wil settle back down now. Love your candles....beautiful and such a great gift too. The lo's you have created since I have been mia...are INCREDIBLE!! Well you already knew that!! Hugs girl, Thanks for all the support!! Take Care, Dawn

  3. You know, I left a comment here this morning but it's gone now. Anyway, sent you some love and told you I love what you did! Always thinking outside the box. Love it!

  4. They look great Sandy....
    You are soooo creative my friend!
    Hugs Wanda

  5. no wonder you are proud of the result they luck great, you have just multiplied there value, no long can they be sold in the Dollar Tree.

    Kaye x

  6. OMGOSH SANDY!!! These are sooo beautiful!! WOW I LOVE this project!!! You are sooo talented!

  7. Wow, these candles are amazing! These would make a great house warming gift!! Really must give the vinyl on candles a try!!
    Thanks again for your inspiration!
    Hugs - Min