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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Top Five Blog Award

Thanx Brenda @ http://brendasjoy.blogspot.com/ for passing this beautiful award to me! I will have a hard time picking five top things and five top sites because I am so blessed with wonderful things and people in my life...Brenda passed to Nanne so there is one fav!!!! Brenda has been one of my supporters for as long as I can remember....I can still remember the sweet sweet comments on the Cricut MB when I first began posting....thanx Brenda for being you!

1. Being a Mom is my all time FAV thing to do!
2. Scrapping and learning new ways to scrap!
3. Hugs!
4. Spending time with children...at home and work!
5. Learning more about myself and my bloggin/mb friends, cuz women rock!!

I will be passing to:

1. Kaye
2. Wanda
3. Sandi
4. Tammy
5. Diane

Please show them some love...they are great encouragers and very talented ladies!!!!!


  1. awwww Sandy you know I am a big cry baby! Thank you sooo much you know how much I love you and how much I support your work.. right from the start I was in awe of your talents....you are one gifted lady!My mooth would hang open and drool from your layouts...know I know why the floor is sooo clean under my 'puter!!
    some day I am gonna hop on a train and give you the biggest hug!!

  2. Oh Sandy
    Thank you sooooo much
    You are such a sweetheart & such an inspiration to use all....
    You are on my very Top 5 !
    I love your blog and your work....such a great person you are !
    Big Hugs Wanda

  3. Wow, Sandy, that is one awesome blog award. Woweee, love it. Hopefully, my blog will grow to deserve it. You know .. with tutorials, inspiration and that sort of thing. I have loved your work ever since I first got on the Cricut MB earlier this year in January or February. I knew you were an artist extraordinaire from the beginning. And then I learned what a sweetie you are, too. What a combination of good thingS! Thanks for all your sweet, loving support.

  4. Oh, yea, like those gates, huh? You know, Sandy, Sandi, Sandee ... only we can keep it straight. Heehee.

  5. Sandy thank you so so much for this award, you are such an inspiration to many people and you are definately in my top five any day. Thank you again.

    Kaye x

  6. Hey girl!! Congrats on your blog award!! Your so deserving of it;)

    Thanks so much for thinking of me, I am honored to receive an award from you! Your a huge inspiration with your beautiful creations!!!

    Big Hugs,